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your new data management assistant

WrangleBot says


Offload your hot drives with ease. Create custom workflows to copy to multiple targets at once and speed up your workflow. Lean back and run workflows when cards are mounted automagically.


Verify your media with professional source and destination verification thanks to advanced hashing. WrangleBot uses smart indexing to minimize redundant hashing and speed up your offloads.


WrangleBot creates insurance compliant PDF reports of all your securely copied media. Manage and edit your Metadata of your media with WrangleBot before exporting to PDF or to your favourite app.


With over a decade of experience as a DIT and Data Wrangler, the developer Axel Rothe challenges the status quo of Data Asset Management Tools.

“Software should enable us to reduce clutter and help us focus on the more engaging parts of our job. As a DIT, I’d always love working with color, but agonised over the asset management part – which would consume hours of my life with stress. WrangleBot streamlines and automates this process and it’s easy and fun again.”

Your support directly helps Axel continue development.

Cloud enabled


WrangleBot is a part of a larger ecosystem called PRESENCE, developed by Axel Rothe at VAN ROTHE.

PRESENCE is a digital cinema cloud, that allows tools and apps to communicate and trigger and respond to actions within the network.

In our roadmap we will be integrating WrangleBot with PRESENCE to allow you to remotely control him, as well as receive notifications and interact with other tools like satOS – our real-time cinema collaboration tool.

Upcoming Features

We have already created a road map of all the features we are going to implement in the next coming months. You can expect to be kept updated on all developments in our Blog.

All Features will be available in your subscription.



  • Web Interface for Remote Control of WrangleBot
  • API through integration with PRESENCE Cloud (Node-Based Real-Time Communication Engine and REST API for Cinema Cloud Applications)
    Transcoding Cloud and Local
    Applying LUTs
    Previewing Media
  • Windows & Debian support


  • iOS / iPadOS / Apple Watch App for receiving notifications and interacting with WrangleBot

Powered by the Best

WrangleBot is platform agnostic at heart.

We want to deliver it to all platforms.

During early-access we will be focusing on MacOS and Debian. So that you can deploy it on IOT and your home office devices.

WrangleBot and WrangleBox are products of VAN ROTHE GbR. Trademarks pending. All Rights Reserved. © 2021